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Declaration of Vmintech


VMinTech is a leading specialist in the field of disinfection, air cleaning, surfaces and the environment. The company is modernly managed according to international practices with global quality through the systems: ERP, SOP, CRM, ...



Vmintech has important missions:

- Provide total solutions for disinfection, air, surface and environmental cleaning, contributing to positive social values.

- Is the second home for the members of the company with many opportunities to maximize their capabilities, dedicate many values ​​and reap a lot of success.



Culture is based on 5 Core Values ​​that have created the foundation for VminTech's strength and sustainable development.

1. Customers are the most important
We understand that the measure of success of VminTech is assessed on the basis of customer satisfaction and success. Therefore, VMinTech always listens, takes customers as the center & most importantly, offers optimal solutions.

2. Quality and efficiency
VminTech always strives to offer the best quality and most effective products, services and solutions to maximize the benefits of customers through a team of staff capable of performing excellent work and systems. modern governance according to international practice with global quality.

3. Responsibility
VminTech commits to be responsible for all products and services that we provide. Each member is always aware and responsible for work, with colleagues, with partners and with customers. Bigger, we have a responsibility to build a greener life, a better society.


4. Together prosperity

With a clear, fast, strong business strategy and a win-win philosophy, VminTech aims to prosper not only for customers, for shareholders but for all employees in the Company. . At VminTech, all members have the opportunity to maximize their capabilities and receive benefits corresponding to the created values.


5. Completion and innovation

With the view that everything can be better, we are constantly improving and innovating every day in response to the reality and the progress of society.

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