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Environmental pollution, epidemic spreads and dirty - spoiled food: are burning and burning problems of the whole society. Understanding that, VminTech was born with the mission: "Providing total solutions to disinfect, clean the air, surface and the environment", contributing to bringing positive values ​​to society. The message “Clean technology for a green life” expresses our aspiration for a healthy, sustainable and prosperous life by using clean, modern and efficient technologies.

VMinTech is the pioneer to bring back to Vietnam the sterilization duo: Airocide invention of the US Aerospace Bureau (NASA); NaOClean patented by D&D Electronics Corporation, Korea. The product has been used effectively in many fields: Health, agricultural preservation, animal husbandry, ... Especially in the recent battle against COVID-19, Airocide and NaOClean act as "steel shields". to help strengthen the epidemic prevention system at many frontline hospitals across the country.

With all of its responsibility and mentality, VminTech is committed to continuously improving & innovating continuously to bring the best solutions, in accordance with the development trend of humanity, worthy of trust and cooperation of Customers and Partners.

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About Vmintech About Vmintech About Vmintech


Widely applied thanks to the product's multitasking functionality, each product can be used for different solutions in many fields.
Medical & Health care

Medical & Health care

Breakthrough solution for surface and air environment disinfectant control in hospitals, clinics & health care facilities
Agricultural products preservation and processing

Agricultural products preservation and processing

Preservation of agricultural products, foodstuffs, remove ethylene gas, bacteria, mold, and pesticides to improve quality and prolong storage time.      
Animal husbandry and cultivation

Animal husbandry and cultivation

Improving yield and quality of crops and seafood thanks to the ability to control disease, kill bacteria, fight blight and reduce ...


Deodorizing, hygiene support, disease prevention, ensuring food safety and improving food quality      
Civil & Home appliances

Civil & Home appliances

Air cleaning solution: disinfection, odor removal, fine dust to bring a clean source of air & prevent respiratory diseases, cross-infection      



Provide a complete solution consulting service for total solution, disinfection treatment or rental, air, surface and environmental cleaning to ensure quality, economic efficiency to suit your needs & satisfaction the heart of our customers.

Machine rental

Applying new machine rental for pregnant mothers, infants, small children & people with weak health need clean breathing, need to prevent infection, flu, etc ...

Air handling

The optimal solution to handle the air pollution of the new or periodic office: Eliminate VOCs, paint odors, bacteria, viruses to have a clean environment to ensure safety & health of ...

Repair and accessory supply

Providing 100% genuine accessories, repair and maintenance services with a team of enthusiastic, experienced and professional technicians


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